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About Vital Tech


Welcome to Vital Tech – your one stop guide to life-enhancing tech.

Vital Tech will be especially useful for you if you are blind or partially sighted. The information and guidance provided should also serve as a helpful resource for wider support networks of family, friends and professionals. Vital Tech is for everyone – whether you are new to tech or a highly experienced tech aficionado. You can also find practical videos, audio recordings and blogs showing blind and partially sighted people using some of these solutions in real life.

Vital Tech has been developed by charities in the sight loss sector.  We are an impartial site set up with one goal – to provide you with information. If we feature product information or videos about specific products, it is because we believe it is the best way to tell you about the options.

At the moment we only have technology that is used in the home but we will aim  to add to this and keep it up to date.  The more the site is used, the more we will be able to add so if you find this useful, please help us spread the word by telling your friends and family.  If you have any suggestions or handy hints of your own, we would love to hear from you.