Accessible Radios | Guide to Radio For Blind and Partially Sighted People From Vital Tech


Last modified: 10th February 2020

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Smart technology has made listening to the radio easier than ever before.  There are also alternative specialist options available.


Specialist products

If you are looking for a radio that is easy to use, the British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF) are a good place to go. The Duet 2 has a slick, classic radio design with bold, tactile controls and an amber backlit display panel. The Elise FM/DAB Radio provides a cheaper option, while the Play Portable DAB Radio is efficiently compact.  Another option is the One Button Digital Roberts Radio which is available from Alvolution.

If you are trying to find something interesting to listen to, ‘In Touch’ from BBC Radio 4 is a programme of specific interest to blind and partially sighted people. Also, specialist podcasts and radio services include:

Using your smartphone


There are a number of mainstream apps that are inclusively designed.

  • Mainstream app TuneIn brings together music, news, podcasts and audiobooks alongside on demand internet radio.
  • The ooTunes app for Apple products is a paid for comprehensive radio app, streaming from a database of radio services.
  • BBC iPlayer Radio available on Apple and Android is inclusively designed and easy to use.


Handy hints

Smart Speakers also offer accessible and intuitive voice driven access to radio – try asking your smart speaker to play your favourite radio station!  You can even buy speakers to boost the sound quality of your smart speaker. You can find more information on smart speakers here.