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Audio Description

Last modified: 19th February 2020

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Some programmes and films are available in audio described format, where visual information from the content is verbally narrated. Technology is not currently advanced enough to enable effective automated audio description, so whether an audio described version of a specific programme or movie is available depends on whether the producers actively decided to make one. Government regulators require at least 10% of programming content to be available in audio described format. The BBC tries to set a good example by routinely exceeding this target.


Useful links

TV and audio visual providers are steadily improving their audio described offerings. Further information on audio description and accessibility from specific providers can be found through the following links:

Amazon has a section of their shopping website devoted specifically to audio-described versions of DVD’s and Blu-ray.

The TV Help website collates useful information on audio description and offers listings of audio described programmes on all major channels.

Tell Me TV is an on demand video service, focused exclusively on audio described content.