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Braille Software

Last modified: 19th February 2020

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There is a range of software available that will translate documents or text into braille form. RoboBraille is an online platform that will convert documents into a variety of formats, and send the electronic files back to you. The service is free to use for private people.

Send to Braille will render text into ‘quick and dirty’ braille, referring to the fact that no automated systems are capable of translating language to the same level that a human could.

All iPads and iPhones come with an in built, onscreen braille keyboard function. There are also Braille keyboard apps that can be downloaded onto android devices.

iBrailler Notes offers Apple users an onscreen braille keyboard, where the key positions automatically adjust to your fingers and thus enable efficient, comfortable writing

The MBraille app is available on both Apple and Android devices: alongside the braille keyboard, the software enables convenient shortcuts for everyday tasks. The paid for version of the app has more features than its free counterpart.

iEnable’s Braille Tutor app can help you learn and practice Unified English Braille.