Dealing with Cash & Accessible Cash Machines | Guide From Vital Tech

Cash and cashpoints

Last modified: 11th February 2019

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Banking and payments are moving online more and more but there are still some solutions to help you when dealing with cash.

Mainstream products

Some cashpoints are now equipped with audio feedback options, so that users can plug in earphones and be guided via speech. Talking cashpoints have standard headphone jacks, generally positioned to the right of the screen and locatable through touch.

There are security issues associated with using audio cashpoints, as earphones reduce your awareness of the surrounding environment. Using only one earpiece while keeping your other ear open can help to reduce this risk. Unfortunately headphones with control buttons that work with audio and microphone channels, don’t give audio feedback with cash machine services. Basic function head phones are the only option.

Talking cashpoints can be located using the LINK cashpoint finder website. There is also an app available for both Apple and Android devices.


Specialist products

Simple tools, such as coin holders, can help with managing your cash and change. British currency denominations come in different physical shapes and sizes, so some blind and partially sighted people train themselves to recognise the various notes by touch. Tactile note gauges can assist with physically measuring currency and these are generally available for free over the counter, from most banks.


Using your smartphone

Mobile phone apps can help with identifying money.  Check out our Identifying section.