Guide To Clocks For The Visually Impaired From Vital Tech


Last modified: 18th February 2021

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There are a number of mainstream and specialist clocks that will let you tell the time, whether you are blind or partially sighted.

Mainstream products

Large wall clocks with clear displays can be useful for partially sighted people. There are a number of options on the market that have been designed for anyone who may need an easy to see display. This example from Ravencourt is radio-controlled, setting and resetting itself to the correct time automatically.  There are also clocks with yellow faces and contrasting black features, such as this one from Alz.

There are many clocks that announce information audibly. Cuckoo clocks or maritime timepieces are classic examples.

Specialist products

You can buy talking clocks designed for blind and partially sighted people from specialist retailers such as RNIB or Cobolt.

If you’re looking for help to manage your medicine, then the Medcenter Talking Alarm Clock can be used to set regular reminders.

Using your smartphone

You are able to check the time on any smartphone. In addition, personal assistants and smart speakers can be asked for the time.

Handy Hints

You can also use your smartphone or smart speaker to set a timer or reminder or to manage your calendar.

Useful links

The Daily Living Foundation’s (DLF) ‘Living Made Easy’ website compares a range of different options regarding ‘wall mounted clocks with bold or clear displays’.
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