Accessible Computer Gaming | Guide To Low Vision Gaming

Computer gaming

Last modified: 15th October 2019

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There have been significant developments in accessible computer gaming, over the last few years. Often these games are designed so that information and cues are available in audio, rather than gamers having to rely on sight.


Specialist products

Spoonbill Software offer a wide range of accessible computer games, that are available for download onto desktop computers free of charge.

The Audio Game Hub have developed a number of arcade videogames that use audio as their primary interface. These are available for Windows, Apple and Android systems.

Developers such as Audazzle specialise in designing inclusive card and video games.


Using your smartphone

Blindfold Games and Woodside Apps offer a variety of audio games that can be played on mobile devices. A Blind Legend is an audio-only adventure game based on innovative binaural sound technology. Players are guided by 3D sound and control the action using multipoint tactile gestures.


Handy hints

Your personal assistant or smart speaker can also be a fun companion!  For example, ask Alexa to open the Magic Door to reveal a magical land. Or explore your Google Home or Amazon Echo to play trivia games and so much more.