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Dictation Software

Last modified: 11th February 2019

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It can take a while to learn how to effectively use dictation software.  It is also sometimes necessary to spend time training dictation software to properly recognise your voice.  But once mastered, dictation software lets you type hands free.


Mainstream products

Google’s Voice Typing system is especially effective for dictating long documents and is available in Google Docs from within their Chrome browser.

Dragon are the market-leading provider of dictation software. With their tools, you can set up your computer so that you will never have to touch the mouse or keyboard again.


Specialist products

Dictation Bridge software can be downloaded to allow Windows Speech Recognition or Dragon to work smoothly alongside the free NVDA screen reader.

J-Dictate interacts with the JAWS software to enable text dictation, while J-Say enables an even higher level of control.


Using your smartphone

There are convenient dictation facilities built-in to smartphones – Google dictation on Android and Siri dictation on iPhone are good for transcribing short sentences in texts, emails or social media posts. You can find a range of useful dictation apps by searching the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.