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Keys and Keyholes

Last modified: 12th February 2019

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It can be tricky to find your keyhole and guide the key in but it is very easy to lose your keys.  There are gadgets that can help.


Mainstream products

A mini-torch that attaches to your keyring can give extra lighting when accessing your home.

Those prone to putting down their keys and then forgetting where, you can still buy key locators that make a noise in response to a whistle.


Specialist products

Gadgets like the Lockaid Keyhole Locator and Turner help guide keys into the lock.


Using your smartphone

Key locators have got more sophisticated. You can order some tags from services like Tile and attach to your keyring.  When required, the current or last known location of your keys can be checked via a companion app which you will need to install from your App or Play store. The locator can also make a siren noise and flashing lights on some devices.

Item locators can be used for any objects, not just keys.  They could even be used to find bigger objects such as doors.  The tags simply need to be attached to the object or door frame of choice.

Smart locks mean you can open your front door with a smartphone, rather than a standard key. Some systems allow you to use biometrics (such as fingerprint verification) to unlock the door, while some will take pictures of everyone who enters.

Examples of mainstream smart-lock companies include:

Certain devices can be fitted over existing locks, adapting them into smart locks. For example: