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Kitchen appliances and utensils

Last modified: 4th March 2022

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There are plenty of kitchen products designed especially for blind and partially sighted people.


Mainstream products

Dishwasher machines often relay information visually, but models can be found with better audio feedback, including different tones and sounds. Listening out for machines that give off simple beeps to signal different modes or operations, is a good tip when searching for accessible appliances.

Fridges don’t tend to need too much to be done with them but you may consider marking the preferred temperature on the control dial with a label.


Specialist products

Measuring jugs with enhanced visual markings are available, as are talking jugs. Jugs with tactile gauges provide another option. You can also choose between audio or enhanced visual options when buying kitchen scales.

Talking tins are audio labelling devices that are specially designed to fit on the top of tins, so that their contents can be recorded verbally. Other audio devices include talking timers and talking temperature probes (food thermometers).

Jar openers with special gripping devices can be handy. Or check out the Dycem ergonomically designed jar and bottle opener that makes use of their special gripping material. Devices such as one-touch tin-openers also make life easier in the kitchen.

All sorts of kitchen utensils can be found in inclusive designs. Including bread-cutter guides, box graters, spice grinders, salad spinners, fork and tongs, etc. This palm-grip peeler is handy because it fits neatly in the palm.

Equipment to help avoid spills include devices such as liquid level indicators, which vibrate audibly when liquid reaches a certain level. Water boil alerts use audio signals, to help avoid over-boiling accidents. Splatter guards, plate surrounds, spill-stopper lids and no-spill mugs are also available. As are non-slip trays, table mats and coasters.

Liquid level indicator shown on a mug
Liquid level indicator


Handy hints

Reels of non-slip material can be purchased and placed anywhere as required. Easy-grip gloves, grips and handles can also help avoid accidents around the kitchen.

Useful links

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