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Music Systems

Last modified: 20th February 2020

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For those who like traditional stereo systems, the Concerto 2 from BWBF provides a good option. It plays cassettes and CD’s and features radio and USB player functions. The controls are boldly coloured with raised tactile symbols.

For vinyl lovers, the Sony PSLX300 USB Turntable from Richer Sounds is a fairly accessible option. Its automatic, one button operation makes it generally suitable for blind and partially sighted people.

Many mainstream Bluetooth speakers are fairly easy to use and accessible. The SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker from Bose is highly robust and well designed. It features voice input options using Siri and Google Now technology.

If you want to play your music from USB sticks, then the Sonic portable USB player from RNIB offers a highly accessible option, with bold tactile controls. Many DAISY audiobook players also function well for playing music.

Apple’s iPod Touch is an inclusively designed music player with a range of other