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Online banking

Last modified: 18th February 2021

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Access to online banking means you no longer have to pop down to your local branch to manage your account. All major banks allow you to manage your money on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Mainstream products

All major banks offer online services and some smaller banks are entirely web-based. Online banking enables the vast majority of services to be accessed from the comfort of your own home. Telephone banking services can also offer a reasonable alternative way for accessing common banking tasks.

Specialist products

Online security and verification often involve bank card readers, but the standard versions of these devices tend to be small, fiddly and difficult to use. Specialist accessible card readers are available from all major providers on request. These are designed with large buttons, simplified layouts and audio feedback options.

Banks differ as to the accessibility of their websites and the level of effort they make to accommodate clients with various needs. We have included links to the accessibility information pages provided by the main high street banks further down this page in the “Useful links” section. It is worth doing your research before committing to any one bank.

Using your smartphone

Mobile banking allows you to access your accounts through a smartphone app. Many banking apps enable you to log in by using your smartphone’s fingerprint or facial recognition facilities. Screen reader users often prefer the more simplified interfaces found in mobile banking apps to the more traditional online banking websites.

Useful links

Here are links to the accessibility web pages for the main high street banks, in no particular order.