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Personal grooming

Last modified: 12th February 2019

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There are an increasing number of mainstream products that can assist with personal grooming activities such as brushing your teeth or weighing yourself.


Mainstream products

Some mainstream equipment can be especially convenient for blind and partially sighted people. Standard electric shavers are generally inclusively designed.  Mainstream retailers also sell a large range of talking scales or scales with enhanced visual displays.


Specialist products

You can buy specialist gadgets like torch tweezers and nail clippers with an attached magnifying glass for the grooming tasks that require more precision.


Using your smartphone

Scales that interact with your smartphone can provide information on your weight, body fat, muscle mass, BMI and more.  Smart toothbrushes are still on the expensive side but can provide helpful information for those cleaning their teeth without good vision.


Useful links

The majority of these grooming products can be bought at mainstream retailers.

The LivingMadeEasy site lists a range of well-designed specialist options.