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Reading apps

Last modified: 6th October 2021

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Reading apps can transform smartphones and tablets into highly capable mobile reading machines.


Mainstream products

Reading and recognition functions are now standard features of many mainstream apps, including Dropbox, Microsoft Office Lens and Google Lens. Some companies are going further. For example, automatic text reading is just one of many features available for free in the Microsoft Seeing AI iPhone and iPad app. Some identification apps such as Envision AI, also come with reading facilities; our Identifying page has more details.


Specialist products

The popular KNFB Reader app, though relatively expensive, combines reading features with guidance to help users align their device camera with text and is available on iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices. The Voice Dream Scanner app sells for a fraction of the cost of KNFB Reader and integrates seamlessly with its Voice Dream Reader sister app on iOS devices. Both the KNFB Reader and Voice Dream Reader Scanner apps process data on your device and can therefore operate without an internet connection. Additionally, the Voice app for iOS, comes with its own set of voice commands which can help with maintaining a consistent camera position, though this app currently requires an internet connection.