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Remote Controls

Last modified: 19th February 2020

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Modern remote controls can be complex and difficult to use. Fortunately, there are accessible alternatives, with features such as extra-large buttons or simplified control layouts. Some service providers offer specialised accessible remotes designed to be used with their own products.


Mainstream products

Apple TV remotes have inbuilt Siri voice control technology

Amazon Fire TV users can speak instructions through the Alexa Voice Remote.


Specialist products

Sky accessible remotes feature high visibility buttons and additional tactile points.

Universal remotes can be programmed to work with most TV’s. The Daily Living Foundation’s ‘Living Made Easy’ showcases a good range of accessible controls.

Universal TV remote
Universal TV remote



Using your smartphone

There are various apps that will enable your mobile device to function as a TV remote control. Such apps include:

Smart speakers enable TV’s and other media to be controlled via a digital personal assistant (see Smart speakers page for further details.)