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Last modified: 19th February 2020

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In this section we discuss some of the stationery that can help with your admin tasks, such as doing your personal accounts and dealing with post.


Mainstream products

Mainstream stationery with semi-automated processes can be especially useful for blind and partially sighted people.  For example, electric staplers or hole punchers.

Specialist products

RNIB sell rulers and protractors that feature bold colour contrasted and tactile markings. They also offer talking calculators that read out inputs and calculation results.

Sight and Sound sell scientific calculators with large screens or talking functions. Specialist scientific calculators can be pretty expensive

Equipment to assist with letter writing, postage and correspondence are available from the RNIB. Devices include envelope guides and signature guides.

Standard signature stamps can also be useful for those who find it difficult to sign their name. Certain writing frames, from the RNIB Shop, are especially well designed to assist with writing cards.

On the subject of post, this Nimble one finger cutting tool (from Active Hands) is great for opening letters and packages.

Using your smartphone

Mobile phone users can access much of the functionality of a scientific calculator using relatively cheap or even free apps. A Scientific Calculator can be found in the inbuilt Calculator App on Apple products by using the device in landscape mode. Adam Croser’s Talking Scientific Calculator is available in the Apple app store.