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Using computers and tablets to stay in touch

Last modified: 5th May 2022

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Many communication and social media platforms and apps can be accessed on computers, tablets and smartphones alike.


Mainstream products

Whilst mobile phones and tablets are usually self-contained devices, desktop computers and laptops can offer greater flexibility  and can be effectively customised to provide a personalised accessible experience. You can find out more about the many possible adaptations available to make your computer or laptop easier to use, including alternative keyboards, speech, magnification and Braille support, in our Computing section.


There are many tablets available, offering an impressive choice of screen sizes and designs. Amazon Fire Tablet, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Microsoft Surface devices all come with built-in screen reader and magnification features. Some tablets require Wi-Fi while others come with 4G or 5G mobile connectivity, enabling access to internet data on the move.


Specialist products

Synapptic sell specialist tablets with their own accessibility software pre-installed.


Handy hints

Basic add on hardware such as external Bluetooth or USB keyboards can be handy for those who like to type on their tablets. It is also possible to connect up tablets with specialist equipment such as refreshable Braille displays (see the Using braille section for more details).