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Last modified: 5th March 2021

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Writing, especially handwriting, can be difficult to read for partially sighted people – and inaccessible for blind people. However, there are ways to make your writing easier to see, or even make it tactile.

Mainstream products

Mainstream pens that write in thick, bold lines can be especially suitable for partially sighted people. Features such as easy-grip barrels or fade resistant ink can also be useful.

The 3Doodler 3D Pen from WobbleWorks is one gadget which blind and partially sighted people may find useful: it writes in melted plastic, therefore allowing for touch-based feedback and rereading.

Specialist products

The RNIB Online Shop sells a range of equipment to help with writing. They have writing frames for holding paper in place, available in both A4 and A5 sizes. They also offer easy-see lined paper, pads and notebooks, and plastic embossing film that rises when you write on it.

The writing section of the Living Made Easy website showcases various types of accessible paper. For example, writing pads with features such as extra-bold lines or contrasting colours. ]

Stop-go Paper features raised black and red lines to guide writing, while Right-line Paper has dashed lines to assist letter formation.

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